Our Vision

One of the best professional creative and innovated complete turnkey solution in the world.

Our Mission

Combine local and international expertise to create up-to-date innovated professional everlasting solutions guaranteeing uniqueness and thrilled customers.

Our Values

Creativity | Innovation

Quality | Perfection

Commitment | Professional

Main Services Points

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Elite Technology

What We Provide

  • Site Turnkey, Quality Controlled Product Supply Services, Professional Project Management, Advanced Security Customized Artificial Intelligence OSP/ISP Network Planning and Optimization, Turnkey Fiber Optic Planning, Implementation, Testing and Commissioning
  • The optimum product and engineering solutions to establish successfully reliable communication networks whilst our extensive industry knowledge enables us to provide customers with up-to-date proven technologies
  • Professional Management and problem solving to guarantee a delighted customer that will generate more business

What We Can Do

    SP - Inside Plant

  • -Passive components
    -Active Components
    -Cabling (Fiber, UTP, STP,Low Current)
    -Cable Trays

  • External Security Systems

  • Marine Security
    -Vessel Barrier
    -Sonar Head
    -Automatic Identification System
    Gates Security
    -Z – Portal Machine (Vehicles Scanner)
    -Baggage Machine
    -Drop Arm Barrier
    -Turnstile Full Height

  • Perimeter Security

  • -Thermal Cameras
    -Radar Tower with LRSS camera
    -MIDS System
    -IDAS System

Control Room

Control Room is a place where a facility or service can be monitored and controlled. While the equipment in the control room is essential to operation, to be effective, it has to support the requirements of the operator.

Services Room Solutions

The Modern data center environment needs to be a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly to client, organizational and technological changes effective in both construction and operation.

    Raised Floor Systems

  • Raised Floor Systems, also known as access floors, are an elevated structural floor that is fixed over a solid substrate, typically a concrete slab.

  • Raised Floor Systems, are composed by panels with a particular covering supported on vertical pedestals, the height of which can be regulated, creating a gap which allows accommodating different service systems.

  • Some floorings, from a cooling stand point, is to deliver cold air where it is needed, with very little effort, by simply swapping a solid tile for a perforated tile.

Government agencies

Private agencies